The Reelers

The Reelers are 6 young Londoners from Brixton who met at dance clubs through the Roots revival scene, currently flourishing in London. The band was assembled by lead singer Cass Cook, with the mission to start making a fresh version of the1950s black rock 'n' roll music, the origins of rock and roll, that never gained mainstream success due to the political and racial issues of the era. While vintage DJs such as Keb Darge and Paul Weller play out the reissues and originals of roots rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, northern soul and jump blues... Cass felt that there weren’t any new or current bands playing or writing these genres of music. So... the only option was to create a band that could fill the void and provide fans of those genres with something new, fresh and current to see live and listen to. The Reelers continue to go from strength to strength by receiving solid support from fans and the media and receiving invites to play at Glastonbury Festival!

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