Drop Velvet

Drop Velvet are an explosive new force from London’s live electronica scene, combining the raw energy of a live performance with the textural depth and cohesive structure of high quality electronica. In their set, you’ll hear sounds from around the world as well as styles ranging from drum and bass to electro-swing to ambient seamlessly combining. Taking advantage of music technology, they’re joining an exciting group of pioneering bands bringing electronica to live audiences in the most faithful way. These classically trained musicians from varied backgrounds comprising of Tomoya Forster on saxophone, Andy Hall on trumpet, Georgia Duncan with lead vocals, Katie Duncan on synth and backing vocals, Fed Zilla on lead vocals/MC, Julian Vicary on keys/synth, Viva Msimang on Trombone with Rob Shipster producing live – creating spectacular drops and blending to create an incredibly complete overall sonority Taking inspiration from everything they’ve ever listened to but in particular the likes of Bonobo, Pretty Lights and Cinematic Orchestra, Drop Velvet want to share their ideas with as many people as possible.


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