Manteca are one of the finest latin groups in the UK today. Their debut release on Freestyle Records "Tremendo Boogaloo" received rave reviews from all over the world. Bringing their own unique medley of salsa, boogaloo, cumbia, Funk, jazz & soul, Manteca promises to fill the dance floor and induce all manner of feverish, slinky moves, even if you’ve never danced salsa before! Manteca have been going for nearly half a decade now and have been heralded as one of the best latin bands in London. They are at the cutting edge of the latin scene, reviving, innovating and mixing the sounds of old school salsa and fresh latin funk. According to Time Out magazine "Manteca, is one of London's best exponents of NuYorican-style bugaloo" a fusion of salsa, soul & mambo made in the melting pot that was Spanish Harlem in the 60’s. Manteca is comprised of some of the UK Latin scenes most talented luminaries and is lead by Colombian vocalist Martha Acosta who drives audiences everywhere into a frenzy with searing, sexy, Celia Cruz style vocals and powerhouse personality.

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